Our Services

A Complimentary consultation.
Completely pressure free, we meet to see if our services are right for you. You may take all the time you need to decide. We wait for you to contact us. This visit can take place at anytime during your pregnancy.

Two more doula visits after you hire our services.
The first time will be to discuss in length your wishes, thoughts, feelings, and expectations regarding labour and delivery, and our general role. We will prepare an extensive birth plan. A birth plan includes individual philosophies you have regarding pain relief, and choices with regards to relaxation, breathing and visualization techniques, and positions for labour. At this time, the contract will be signed.

The second time will be a hands-on preparation for labour and delivery, approximately 3 weeks prior to your due date, and will take place in the comfort of your home. This will be a review of what will happen during your birth experience, and our role within it. We show you our tools we use for natural comfort measures. We will actually practice various positions for labour, rehearse relaxation techniques and breathing, which help reduce pain and allow you to work through the contractions. Birth partners are shown how they can be as involved as they wish, so that the birth experience is positive for both of you.

Private pre-natal classes (extra fee).
Individualized for your needs. Twelve hours of curriculum, including labour, birth, breast-feeding and postpartum. This is done via small-group classes on weekends, in the west end of Edmonton.

Continuous support during labour and delivery.
You will most likely go through a full circle of emotions at your birth. on one hand you may feel excitement, and the other, fear. Our role as a doula is to help you cope with all the fears and anxieties you and your partner may have. A doula is not only sympathetic, but is informed as well. We can help you remain calm, relaxed and comfortable until labour is well established. This is a quiet and calm presence and reassurance. You will find that generally, the birth partner is not only there for emotional support, but is more involved with your labour due to the pressure of the unknown being removed as the doula reassures and comforts both of you. We also know when to stay in the background to allow privacy when you are doing well. Comfort measures may also include physical ones, an extra practical hand, and professional information at all times, as hospital staff are kept busy with other patients.

Post-natal visit done in the comfort of your home.
Immediately after the birth it is important that you have bonding time with your baby. We will absolutely respect this. We will be on call for you, and then meet again in your home in the next few weeks to briefly review your birthing experience and our role as your doula. At this time, we can assist you further with breast-feeding, and with any other questions you may have.

Photographs, and/or an account of your birth.
A brief account of your labour and special delivery!

24 hour on-call support throughout your prenatal and postpartum experience
Be reassured that you can ask us anything, at anytime of day. This is one of the most wonderful advantages of having a doula.