Our Philosophy:

At Gentle Touch Doula Services, we believe that your birth experience will remain one of your most memorable events of your life.

We trust in the natural process of birth, and that it is very possible for most women, most of the time.

We understand that curve balls do sometimes occur, and believe that our clients have the right to remain informed be a part of the decision-making process when obstetrical intervention is necessary.

We believe that while the outcome of your labour and birth can be unpredictable, the care you receive during your labour should never be.

We believe that the outcome can be a positive one, even if medical intervention is required.

We promote self- determination, and empowerment. Our prenatal preparation focuses on the positive aspects of birth.

Do doulas only support unmedicated labour birth plans?

Doulas know that birth is unpredictable. While an unmedicated, supported birth is very possible for most women, the goal of the doula is to make the birth experience a positive and memorable one.

The definition of a positive birth experience with regards to pain management varies greatly from one woman to another. Some women accept the pain and hard work of labour, and trust it. Others want to have the option of pain relief, but want to try labouring without it. Yet other womens' pholosophies are that pain in labour should be managed.

Doulas differ with regards to the philosophies they will support. Gentle Touch's philosophy is "informed choice", and believes that as long as a woman has the necessary information to make informed decisions with regards to the benefits and risks of medication in childbirth, and is comfortable with her decision whether to accept medication or not, then that is what defines a positive birth experience.

Sometimes, mother nature has her own plan, and medications are required. Gentle Touch clients are always on top of their labour, are informed ahead of time if their labour is following a path towards intervention. This can make the difference between a positive birth experience, and an unexpected negative one.